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New Eco Friendly Packaging

Be among the first restaurants in the UK to use this sustainable revolution Seaweed packaging

Did you know that your average cardboard takeaway box has a coating of plastic on the inside? This makes it hard to recycle, and if the plastic enters the environment, it won’t decompose for hundreds of years.

Watch below on how Notpla developed the product!

Why be apart of the revolution?

  • 100% recyclable material:

    So good for the environment too.

  • Suitable for delivery:

    The inner layer of this seaweed packaging is grease- and water-resistant, perfect for delivery and takeaway meals.

  • Changing customer needs:

    Customers have become more environmentally conscious and therefore value eco-friendly alternatives.

Takeaway boxes designed to truly disappear

The Notpla kraft boxes replace these plastic additives with a 100% vegan seaweed-based alternative.